Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things That Grow In My Garden... Part 3

So in some ways it seems like there hasn't been a lot of change these past two weeks but in other ways there has been. So sit back and enjoy the tour!

I don't think the basket of Million Bells is at its best anymore and the lettuce DEFINITELY isn't. I don't know what to do with the lettuce pot but I think it needs some sort of greenery in it for the rest of the summer. The Million Bells might just need some TLC which I will do when it isn't so hot! Like in November! Ha!

The biggest excitement about the left and middle planters is that the verbena is FINALLY starting to flower so there are pops of bright purple in them. The portulaca in the biggest planter are looking awesome and I don't know what's happening in the middle basket. The white planter is being a bit overrun by petunias but other than that it is looking good.
I feel like this bed has some of the biggest changes with the snapdragons blooming! They are so pretty. I even included a close-up picture below with snaps, dianthus and portulaca. The portulaca in this bed is finally taking off and the tomatoes at the end of the bed are thriving. Soon we might have tomatoes to eat. They are all three cherry tomato plants I bought at the seedling sale. Again, the hanging basket on the right needs some TLC which I will hopefully be able to provide tomorrow as it's supposed to be cooler.
See all the pretty snapdragons, dianthus and portulaca. Ignore (if you can!) the ugly long grass which needs to be weedwhacked. We will borrow our friends' eventually and this will look a lot lovelier. (I made this photo large for your convenience!)

The planters up on our balcony all need a little TLC as well but they are doing fine otherwise. In the middle planter, the petunias seem to be taking over so we'll see what I uncover when I put some work into them.

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this addition of what's growing in our garden (or in our planters and baskets!).

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