Saturday, June 09, 2012

Affordable Flowers!

I wasn't going to do a post today because I am too tired and I was even already in bed when I remembered that I wanted to take pictures of the flowers I got yesterday. Janice and I went to St Jacobs with Sam and Rachel and on the way back we took a road we thought would get us to Erbsville Road. It didn't (surprise surprise) but it did take us by a farm selling beautiful bouquets of flowers. I got the bunch below for $4. Yes, that's right -- $4! I had them on my desk but they were making my eyes itch (I think the Sweet William are really strong. Or maybe the peony.) so now they are on the shelf in our dining room. That way I can enjoy their beauty without being irritated.

ps. Janice and I have decided driving by this farm for flowers needs to be a weekly occurrence so stay tuned for more beautiful bouquets!

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