Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art For Rachel's Room

So a few weeks ago I was browsing through Every. Single. Link. on Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life Living Rooms and a couple of blogs (I can't remember which ones or I would have linked to them) had similar awesome paintings in their living rooms. And they both linked to this tutorial and I thought, "That looks pretty easy and awesome and I want to do it." But I didn't know where to put it. And then I remembered the big blank wall by the crib in Rachel's room. So Dave and I went to Michael's and bought some supplies. We decided to go with pastel-like colours since it's for a baby after all.

The next step was spray-painting the canvas.
That made me nervous but I did it and it was actually kind of fun.
Except the part where the bug flew into the paint
and died there but we'll ignore that memory.
And Dave turned the bug into a stick so it all worked out
and you can't even see it.

The real arty part of this painting was doing the sticks so I made Dave do it.
I am NOT. AT. ALL. arty so that worked for me.
And he did a lovely job.

See how proud he is of his sticks.
And don't they look awesome?

Squirting the paint onto the paper plate was the easiest job thus far.
And I rocked at doing it!

Then I had to paint the dots.
I used sponces (which is actually a real art supply.
Unless someone spelled "sponges" wrong which I wouldn't discount.)
I was so nervous about this part that it took me almost
two weeks to get up the nerve to do it.
And it was just dabbing circles in random spots.
Have I mentioned I am NOT an artist?!?!

Getting a little more comfortable with the sponce-dotting-technique.
Dave was right beside me the whole time holding my hand.
Also known as rinsing out my sponces so I didn't have to and
offering advice as to where more circles should go.
(Aside: Are these circles? Are these dots? What's the difference?)

The completed painting. I was pretty proud of myself at this point.

And voila! The painting hanging in the
no-longer-empty-spot above Rachel's crib.
I think it looks exactly right.
And really, if I can do this, then anyone can do this.

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  1. It looks fantastic!!! Love the nursery-appropriate colors, and your husband's sticks are certainly more artistic than mine are. Also love that you incorporated some real-life nature into the artwork via the bug... :)


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