Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Overdue Trip And The Reason I'm (Probably) Not Posting Tomorrow

For many weeks we have been trying to find a good time to walk to Kitchener Public Library and get library cards. With the kids needing a bath about every other night, the incredibly hot and humid or thunderstorm-y days, late suppers or overtired kids it had just not happened yet. Until tonight when the stars aligned -- at least that's what it felt like! So we are now card-carrying members of the KPL! Yay!

Sam was immediately drawn to a Father's Day display which mostly focused on construction, which was right up Sam's alley! I had to convince him not to take every single book and DVD in the display. He also liked the elephant bookshelf.

Sam and Rachel couldn't wait to get home to get into their books and looked at this book for almost the entire walk home! Once we got home we realized we had taken out a lot of books. I may not be posting on the blog for awhile as I try to read a lot of these! Ha ha ha! (That was a joke by the way!)
A huge excitement on the walk home was watching this GO train go slowly across our path. If you look closely you can see the engineer who waved to an avidly-watching Sam while I took the picture. It totally made Sam's week!
Tomorrow our current internet service ends and our new one (hopefully!) gets set up. Between that and the whiteboard list of tasks I have, there may not be a blog post tomorrow. Also to add the whiteboard list: figure out how to get the three items I accidentally wrote in PERMANENT marker off of there once I've accomplished them. sigh...

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