Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today we went to the John Janzen Nature Centre with our New Mom's friends. Sam had an excellent time running around the huge play structure and Rachel, Gavin, Megan and Simone all stole each other's toys. Except for one time when Simone was crying and Megan, Rachel and Gavin were all looking at her like, "What's your problem?" It made me laugh.

Then we broke for lunch and it was crazy and fun. And just as I was about to try and take some pictures...

...Sam threw up three times in a row. Blerghks :() And the smell of his puke was making me gag so wonderful Auntie Sheri cleaned him up and I carried him to the washroom to get him a little cleaner and Alison and Marcia lent some spare clothes they had and I dressed Sam. (I finally stopped carrying an extra set of clothes for Sam because I haven't needed them in months and I decided to lighten my diaper bag load. Go figure!).

Anyways, Sam was sad to not be able to play and I was sad to have to leave and Rachel was still in a fine mood. And we got home and Sam was happy as a lark, although I convinced him to have a nap and he slept for two hours. I'm hoping he was just too full and it wasn't actually a flu thing because he seems fine now.

Tonight was a potluck at TBO and last month there were about sixty people there and it was insane. Today they prepared a bit better for it and then there were about twelve people there and we all brought salads or dessert. Ha! So Felix ran out and got pizzas and it ended up being a lovely evening.

Rachel talked and danced through the whole service part of the potluck and Sam went in his pajamas because we couldn't convince him to get dressed. But he ate just fine (which is why I don't think he's sick) and had a blast. And Francie and the rabbi said some very nice things since this is our last TBO weekend.

So today didn't go exactly how we thought it might but it was lovely nonetheless. Except for the part where Sam threw up.

And a huge thank you to all the New Mom's moms for helping us out in the midst of the unexpected. And for taking all of our strawberry freezer jam :)

ps. Because of the puking there are no pictures for this post. sigh.

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