Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sam's Birthday -- The Beginning!

The first thing we did on Sam's birthday-day was make banana muffins for a special breakfast.

Then we took some pictures with Oma and Opa who were here to help us celebrate.

Then Oma and Opa gave Sam their present to him.

And Rachel enjoyed the excitement!

Then it was off to gymnastics. Since it was the last day we could take pictures and videos (which I will post an assortment of later on this coming week. I bet you can't wait!!!) Sam also got a certificate!

Then we headed off to McDonald's with our friends and assorted grandparent visitors for a lunch and playplace date. However, Sam got stuck at the top of the playplace and Mommy had to overcome her claustrophobia and go rescue him. And that is all we will say about that!

Then Auntie Tasha, Brian and Ghenette and Ghenette's dad came over for a special birthday supper of Rockin' Moroccan Stew. And an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

And that was how we celebrated Sam's birthday on the actual day. Stay tuned for the cupcake-cake and the party posts!

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