Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Too Tired To Blog -- Part 2

i'm still too tired to blog, although...

rachel roo only woke up once last night. yay!

my mom and dad arrived to bring furniture and to help pack. yay!

auntie jenelle was able to take both kids today for six hours. yay!

i think the reason i am still too tired is that...

sam had a major meltdown tonight. again. boo :(

there is still a lot of stress involved with this transition and i am not good with change. boo :(

there is the realization hanging over me that by tomorrow night (almost) everything in our house will be in boxes ready to go. this is a good thing. it also means i don't have a teapot. or a can opener. or a toaster. or my cozy green and white blanket. or a highchair for rachel. or... or...

maybe tomorrow i will have enough energy to take pictures of our packed up, stacked up boxes, curtain-less house. tonight i don't. good night.

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