Monday, April 23, 2012

Saying Good-byes and Dear Friends

Today we said good-bye to some people. Hannah, Jeremy, Stella, Mia, Teresa, Trevor and Deanna -- we will miss you :( Strathcona Library, Save-On at 78th and Calgary Trail, we will miss you :( Of course it's much harder saying good-bye to people than places. But today was our last errand-y walk in Old Strathcona ever. It's hard to imagine what our new errand-y walks in KW will look like.

After we got back from our walk, we were waiting outside for Sheri to bring us supper. Have I mentioned before that my New Mom's friends have been feeding us this entire past week??? Every other night we have gotten a yummy meal of some sort -- polenta lasagne from Jenelle, quiche and pumpkin muffins from Marcia, chana masala with spicy sauces from Alison, fish and rice and dill sauce and salad from Lisa, and tonight meatballs and veggies and rice and garlic bread and chocolate covered strawberries and our favourite drinks (Coke for me and Dave, apple juice for Sam) from Sheri. What amazing friends I have. (And I have been especially grateful for these meals since I ate one of our frozen meals the other day and it was gross. tasteless. cardboard.)

Anyways as we were waiting Dave took these pictures of Rachel and I. I will end this post with them because tomorrow is a busy day of final moving out to Kim and Jacqui and Alliah and Seth's, and cleaning up and taking stuff to various places -- Once Upon A Child, ValueVillage, cloth recycling, etc. So enjoy these pictures.

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