Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Post In Which We Have Packed

So today Kim, Jacqui, Alliah and Seth took Sam and Rachel for us and we packed. Ironically, when you look at these pictures taken from the end of our day it looks like we didn't get a lot done, but we really did.

See, all these pretty boxes (and bags and stuff) are nicely sealed and labeled as to their proper placement in our new house.

The artwork is all on the guestroom bed and ready to be packed up by my mom. You have your work cut out for you Mom!

The guestroom closet is pretty much empty and ready for packed and sealed boxes, because we are running out of room in our other space. (Except for the stuff on the right which is staying here and will be moved to the guestroom bed (which is also staying here) once my mom packs the artwork.)

We have a whole lot of soft things to wrap breakables in and a whole stack of RubberMaid bins to pack things in since we are having some issues getting boxes. Do you see Dave in the RubberMaid bin picture below?

Oh! There he is :)

And all of the clothes we need for the next four (or so) weeks are packed into these suitcases. Yep, it has begun -- we are officially living out of suitcases.

We also got to a few other areas of the house that weren't as exciting to take pictures of. Although, honestly, I recognize that these pictures aren't all that exciting either but it's our blog and I want to remember the process of moving. Each painful, miniscule, excruciating (!) step.

(And yes, we did get some of this done earlier this week (like the artwork and the clothes); it wasn't all a product of today. But remember above? We also got some things done today that I'm not showing pictures of.)

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