Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going More Minimalist By The Day

So today our piano and kitchen table and chairs left us. Also some very very very old letters :) We were gone for a bit this morning so I didn't get a picture of the piano movers taking our piano but it's very exciting to see carpet we haven't seen for the past four years! Ha ha ha :)

Then our kitchen table and chairs left us so we ate supper on the floor! Sam is sitting "inside" the "table area" because he was facing his place mat. We turned his place mat around (it was upside down!) and then he sat on the outside like the rest of us. Smart kid! Rachel took everything in stride and just ate about an eighth of a quiche. Sam ate the crusts and some crackers. sigh.

Tonight we went to vote. (Sam decided he was going to vote too. "Who are you voting for?" "Sam!" Good choice.) Then we came home and burned some of the many letters I have received over the past twenty-five years. This is a lot of history people!

Sam was very excited about the fire and Rachel took everything in from her exersaucer. We didn't get them all burned so tomorrow is more fire! Whoo exciting :)

And as of today all our extra food is gone, Dave is disassembling the bassinet, and we also burned our old, falling apart shoe rack. You can see the pieces which Dave literally karate kicked apart (!!!) in the picture of the fire on the left.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another exciting moving out post. I bet you can't wait!

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