Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Post In Which I Ignore God

So as you know we are moving. Across the country. The movers are coming to get the majority of our stuff in ONE. WEEK. yerps.

We had these great plans to be prepared. We went through all our stuff and recycled, trashed, Value Village-d a whole bunch of it. (Remember this and this???)

Then we lined up Sam-and-Rachel care for this past Sunday afternoon so that Dave and I, along with my mom and dad, could spend an entire afternoon starting to pack. And I had Sam-and-Rachel care lined up on Monday so that my mom and dad and I could spend an entire day packing. I figured by today we'd be in good shape.

But then...

1) our Sam-and-Rachel care on Sunday had to cancel because a friend's mom had died.
2) my parents had to leave on Sunday because my great aunt died and the funeral was on Monday.
3) I got sick with a stomach bug on Sunday night.
4) Sam threw up on Monday morning so, understandably, our Sam-and-Rachel care didn't want him.
5) I was too sick to pack on Monday anyway and Dave was too busy with both kids to pack.
6) Our Sam-and-Rachel care graciously said they would take Sam and Rachel today so that Dave and I could pack.
7) Dave got a day full of unexpected meetings scheduled for today.
8) Rachel threw up last night so, understandably, our Sam-and-Rachel care didn't want her today.
9) Edmonton, which had a high of 9C yesterday, got 15cm of wet, heavy snow overnight (and it's still going) so our movers won't deliver boxes for us now until Monday.

(Yes, those are our poor tulips buried under all that!)

So instead of having a lot of our house packed up at this point we have a few boxes packed and a whole lot of snow. And no boxes. I think God is trying to tell us to stay in Edmonton. Maybe we'll just listen.

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