Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living the Minimalist Lifestyle

So what does our house look like now that a lot of our stuff has been loaded onto a truck and is on its way to KW? Well, as my mom put it, we're living the minimalist lifestyle. And, after a whole day of doing it, I can say, it's not really all that bad. Ha!

Our living room is spacious and has a perfect place for the exersaucer. The top of the piano is our new "office." Ha! (The big thing on the right in the picture on the right is the vacuum cleaner we borrowed from our landlords. I think our landlord took the central vac out of his old condo. Oh my...)

(For those who are curious, or for my future self reading this blog fifty years from now (!!!), the piano is going to Jason and Marcia, the loveseat is going to our landlord's house cleaner and the exersaucer is going back to its original owner or to a friend of a friend of mine.)

Sam's room is the new "playroom!" And where Sam's clothes are hanging out. Also, the diaper changing station is here. It's a multi-purpose room :) (We're leaving the huge diaper pail here and about half the toys are not coming with us. And hopefully we'll leave a good chunk of the diapers behind too! Ha ha ha!)

The kitchen doesn't actually look all the different. Although what you can't see is that most of the cupboards are empty. (Again, the shelf unit is going to our landlords, the table and chairs are going to their house cleaner, and we've borrowed some kitchen stuff from Twiebe to help us through the next week and a bit. A lot of the linens are going to ValuVillage or to cloth recycling (they're pretty old) and the Bumbo goes back to the friend we're borrowing it from.)

Our bedroom has also changed. We're still all sleeping on our normal mattresses, although Mom and Dad took our bed frame to Saskatchewan for my cousin's daughter to use. It used to be my grandma and grandpa's. (Rachel's bassinet is being borrowed from a friend, and our mattress and Sam's mattress are going to be given away somehow. Our current bedding, and bathroom towels by the way, are going to ValuVillage and Sam's bedding and Big Elephant are going in Sam's suitcase on the airplane. Although Sam thinks Big Elephant would be a good co-pilot! Ha!)

Our basement is also looking surprising empty! Sam enjoyed playing down there this afternoon and it was actually quite peaceful because the rest of our house sure does echo now! (The washer and dryer are staying here and the futon is going to our landlords.)

Although we are living the minimalist lifestyle, in some ways it doesn't actually feel all that different. Sam and Rachel's toys are still everywhere and the kitchen still has dirty dishes waiting to be washed. Some things really don't change all that much.

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