Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Officially Homeless

So today Dave and I FINALLY finished moving out and super-cleaning our house. Or should I say "our former house?" Yesterday and today were made a bit more insane by the fact that both Sam and Rachel woke up with colds yesterday. And Dave had an eye appointment, with minor laser surgery, yesterday morning. Yerghks :()

Anyways, Sam started feeling a little better so Auntie Marcia took him to the park with Olivia, Auntie Jenelle and Auntie Sheri. Then Sam napped there. Thank you aunties. Rachel watched Baby Einstein and napped and fussed. Dave and I packed and did some cleaning.

Then we arrived at Uncle Kim, Auntie Jacqui, Alliah and Seth's house. It was lovely to be here. We had an awesome supper of baked potatoes with toppings. Rachel ate eggs, broccoli and tomato. Sam ate bacon. I ate two helpings. Then Sam and Seth played and Dave, Rachel and I went back to our house to get fridge stuff.

The kids were not wanting to go to bed, Sam eventually fell asleep with Dave in our bed and Rachel eventually fell asleep on Uncle Kim's lap while watching election results. Thankfully the Wild Rose party did not do as well as expected. This is the only time (except when I was 18 and wanted Kim Campbell to win so she could be Canada's first female prime minister and she did) that I will be excited about a PC win.

Today Alison graciously took both our kids and Dave I cleaned like mad people. We got it all done in about four hours! Yay!!! So here is a look at our (former) house now.

I obsessively raked our lawn before we left and
Dave picked up the leaves with some gloves he found in the shed.

Here are our tulips. As usual we won't see them bloom this year.

Here are Dave and Rachel inviting you into our empty house.
Really, I just wanted a picture of our house number.

Here is our empty living room.

Here is our empty kitchen.
With its super-clean stove and fridge.
Thanks Dave!

Here is the mural in Sam's room.
This wall is being knocked down so
we didn't have to paint over the mural.

Here are Sam, Dave and Rachel in our empty bedroom.
Sam really enjoyed running into the closets
and yelling, "Hello!"

Here is a last (sad?) picture of our empty bathroom

So that's the story of us moving out of our house. Now we are at Uncle Kim and Auntie Jac's and it is like a little slice of heaven in the midst of our moving craziness. And I need to go to bed. Tomorrow we get to resume a little of our normal life in Edmonton without dealing with moving chaos-- Kindermusik, out for lunch with Marcia, Olivia and Gavin, and supper with Twiebe.

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