Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready For The Movers

So, as the title implies, we are ready for the movers to come. This morning Sam and Oma packed up Sam's room. Sam really got into packing, tossing books at Oma, "making boxes" and then throwing things into them to pack. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that when he "made boxes" that he needed to tape the bottom up so his packing wasn't all that effective! Ha ha ha!

After Sam and Oma packed up a few things, Sam and Rachel went to Auntie Sheri's for the rest of the day. Sam decided he'd rather skip Kindermusik and go straight to playing with Naden. Since it was supposed to be a warmer day, I dressed Rachel in a sweater which I wore when I was a baby. And then I remembered dressing Sam in that same sweater.

Then we really went to town. In the living room...

In Sam's room...

In the kitchen... (The kitchen looks least packed up because everything on the shelf by the stove we will be using for the next week and a half and we aren't taking that shelf or the table and chairs with us. I didn't take pictures of the empty cupboards! Also WHY do we still have dirty dishes?!?!?!?!)

In the hall closet and bathroom... (What you can't see in the bathroom is that we are using old towels (which we aren't taking with us) and there isn't a potty for Sam or a bath mat!)

In our bedroom where my dad also painted over the mural we had made for Rachel... (We were allowed to paint it with the stipulation that we paint over it before we leave. The wall Sam's mural is on is being knocked down to make a bigger living room once we leave so we don't need to paint over that one.)

And last, but definitely not least, in the basement... (The futon is staying and the stuff on the futon is mostly toys for Sam and Rachel to play with once the other stuff is gone. Oh, and bedding for us which we will get rid of before we leave.)

So yes, now all we have to do is wait for the movers. Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of a much emptier house.

And now I need to go find Sam. Understandably, he was having trouble falling asleep and was playing quietly between his room and the living room. He moved his blanket and stuffed animals into the living room, and last I heard from him, he was playing on the couch. But I haven't heard him in awhile so I think he fell asleep. The question is where??? Let's just say, I'll be very surprised if he's in his bed! And wish me luck, our living room doesn't have an overhead light and, as you may have noticed above, all our floor lamps are packed...

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