Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ten Months!

Rachel Roo -- ten months old are you!
(A short poem starting with your nickname from Daddy.)
This has been a month of change, Change, CHANGE.
You gained a whole pound this month! Yes, you weigh 15lbs, 9.5ozs and you are 27 1/4" tall. You have finally doubled your birth weight, something the experts like babies to do by about six months :) You are in size 2 diapers, size 6-12 month clothes and we have moved you into 12 month sleepers. They seem to fit you just fine.

You are sleeping okay. You have slept through the night a couple of times this past month but sometimes you still wake up two or three times a night. You are starting to complain a lot again when we put you in your bassinet. I think you just don't like to miss any of the action!

You still nap about two hours after you wake up but it's usually a shorter nap. I think soon you will only have one nap a day. Your daytime sleep has been a little messed up these past few weeks but I think that's because we are moving and everything is all chaotic. We'll see what kind of a schedule you are on when I write your eleven month post.

You now have seven teeth -- four on the top and three on the bottom. A lot of people comment on how many teeth you have and you have the greatest toothy smile :)

For breakfast you eat a banana with plain yogurt. For lunch we are using up the last of the pre-made food cubes I made over the winter, or sometimes avocado and cottage cheese. For supper we just feed you what we're eating. We gave our food grinder away so you just eat smaller pieces of what we eat. This solid food thing goes so quickly! We have introduced you to Cheerios and you like them but not as much as your puffs! You like feeding yourself and it's fun to watch you eat. You get a bottle or two of cow's milk a day and when Mommy isn't around at bedtime Daddy has no problem putting you down with a bottle of milk.

You still nurse quite often but you get very distracted and look around a lot. You also nurse a lot quicker too. Mommy doesn't like nursing you as much anymore because you think it's a big joke to bite me. Not funny Miss Rachel -- even though you always give a little giggle when you do it.
You talk all the time now Rachel! B, D, A, and Y seem to be your favourite sounds. We think we've heard you say "opa", "daddy", and "hi" but we don't know for sure. You don't say anything with much regularity. You wave bye-bye a lot, and shake your head "no no no" and you learned to clap this month too! Today we taught you to put your hands on your head when we say "Oh my goodness!" We taught your older brother Sam the same thing when he was about your age. You are so proud of all your tricks :)

You also started discovering that you can walk holding onto someone's hands and you are getting quite good at it, and you're not crawling yet, but you are oh so close! You move around on the floor and I'm not sure exactly how you do it :) Today you also stood unassisted at Auntie Marcia's for about five whole seconds! Yay you!!!

You've spent lots of time with other people this month while Mommy and Daddy got packing done -- Auntie Tasha and Jenn, Uncle Kim and Auntie Jacqui, Auntie Jenelle and Auntie Sheri. They all said you were very well behaved and Auntie Jenelle said you and Megan liked playing together. I don't worry as much when I leave you with some one. After we picked you up at Uncle Kim and Auntie Jacqui's, you reached for me and then waved 'bye-bye' -- it was so funny!

I can't believe you are ten months old already Miss Rachel. You have changed so much this month and I just want you to slow down a little bit. But we love you Rachel and can't wait to see what you learn in the next month!

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