Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Day in Edmonton

Today was just a random, somewhat typical, busy Edmonton day. I decided last night to document today because I knew it would be full of things that weren't normally all that special, but might be the last time we do some of this stuff here.

Sam decided that the couch needed stickers so he kept himself entertained before Kindermusik by decorating it! Ha ha ha!

Then we stopped at Empress Bakery to buy our normal bread, whole wheat toast. We have bought bread there for the past three or so years and I am going to miss it sooooo much :( The woman working there thought I was weird when I asked if I could take a picture but I wanted to remember it!

Then we headed off to Sherwood Park for Kindermusik with Olivia and Gavin.

After Kindermusik we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy a birthday present for one of Sam's friends. We are going to miss her actual birthday but we wanted to leave a present anyways.

Then we came home for a quick lunch and then headed off to Shopper's to get our mail forwarded for the next few months and to get some travel sized baby shampoo and contact lens solution. Then we stopped at Textures so I could get my bangs trimmed. Vivian nicely thinned out the rest of my hair too so now I don't have to get a haircut for awhile. Yay!

Then we stopped at Beaner's so Sam could get a haircut. Sam wanted spikes and colour so he got to have blue.

And we found out they give adult cuts, so since Sam opined this morning that Dave's hair "was looking dive-y" (whatever that means), Dave got a haircut too, although he didn't get a cool chair to sit in like Sam did.

And we bought a flower headband for Miss Rachel, which she tore to pieces fifteen minutes later in the car -- boo :(

Then we all went over to Marcia and Jason's to watch Olivia and Gavin for a little bit. Rachel and Gavin hung out...

...while Sam, Olivia and I looked at the New Mom's book. As a surprise for Sam and I, Marcia made a New Mom's photo book on picaboo. She got pictures from everyone and Marcia, Jenelle and Sheri also have copies. I cried so much when we first opened it and I LOVE IT. It is such a special gift.

Both kids fell asleep on the way home so I need to go wake them up soon. Tonight will be full of dishes and folding laundry and getting ready for another busy day tomorrow.

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