Monday, April 16, 2012

Other April Happenings

I just realized that almost every post in April (except for yesterday's) has been about Sam's birthday or moving. Well, really that tells you a lot of what's been happening in our lives but there have been some other things going on too!

Like Sam and I baked over 100 chocolate chip cookies for Hoodluck...

...and Rachel fed herself mashed potatoes!

We made the school kits for Sam to donate from his toonie party (For Sam's birthday we asked everyone to bring two toonies, one to be donated and one to be put towards a present, rather than presents. Sam chose to make school kits for MCC which we will deliver this week.)...

...and our April snowstorm broke branches on a lot of trees so we had tree-branch chopping entertainment going on.

We met some friends at Route 99 for brunch and Rachel and Sam enjoyed themselves...

...and Rachel wore her Edmonton Oilers' sleepers on the last night of the regular season games! (See below each picture for the caption.)

"What do I do with this thing?"

"What's a 'puck'?"

"Am I holding this the right way?"

"I'm too cute to be a goalie!"

"I think I'm done with this now."
We discovered an unopened birthday gift for Sam from Alissa while we were packing things up and it gave Sam hours of entertainment on the first day of minimalist living!

And Dave built Sam a fort. Only Sam didn't want a roof so it looked more like a corral! Ha ha ha!

So as you can tell, despite moving and birthday celebrating, we have been busy with a few other things. And now you know what!

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  1. Yay, I'm glad my stickers came in handy at an appropriate moment!


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