Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sam's Birthday -- The Party!

Because Tevan turned one the day before Sam turned three, Sheri and I decided to throw a joint birthday party for our kids, especially since we wanted to invite most of the same people. We rented the program room at the Bonnie Doon Library and it was so much fun!

Sheri and Gopi brought their blow up bouncy castle which proved to be the hit of the party!

And of course, we had food!

Then it was time for birthday cake! First Sam...

... and then Tevan!

I did a short Firefighter Themed Storytime.

Then we tried to get a picture of all the kids at the party. Those turned out about as expected. And Sam was particularly uncooperative as you may notice.

Then it was time for more bouncy castle fun!

I asked Sam afterwards what his favourite part of the party was and he said, "Oma and Opa were there and the bouncy castle!" And thus ends the "Sam Turned Three" posts.

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