Sunday, April 15, 2012

Telus World of Science and Sam's First Movie

Today we all had a fun adventure! We headed out to the Telus World of Science, to take in a movie at the Margaret Ziedler Theatre.

We wanted to see "One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Big Adventure" with Sam. It's a short movie about the night sky featuring Sesame Street Characters.

Sam was a lot freaked out at first, and worried about being scared, but we bribed him to stay by telling him he could have a treat afterwards and he got totally enthralled in the movie and loved it. It was only 25 minutes long which was also good but I think Sam wished it would have been longer.

After the movie was over we checked out "Sport II" an exhibit about the science of sport. Sam enjoyed playing basketball...

...while Dave and I took each other on in a wheelchair 50m race. I won and my top speed was 7.6km. I'm pretty good! Rachel tried to see if she could outrun, or outwalk, a porcupine (Dave says it's a seagull in the video but it's really a porcupine. Seagulls are WAY faster than Rachel. Well, so are porcupines!)...

...and Dave and I learned we aren't cut out to be figure skaters!

Then we headed off to Discoveryland, a new exhibit in the centre. They had Tot Galaxy, a play area where Rachel and Dave hung out for a bit...

...and Cloud Burst, with the coolest water play structure ever! Sam hung out here almost the entire time we were in Discoveryland and would have been happy to stay longer.

Then Sam and Rachel spent some time in Blue Sky, a creative play area.

It was a fun adventure at the Science Centre and a day full of neat, interesting, new experiences for all of us!

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