Wednesday, July 04, 2012

So Much Fun!

Hello to those of you visiting from Kelly's Korner in February 2013. I wrote this post in July as a series I did about our wedding. These are all pictures from Terry Martin at World Photography. He did an AWESOME job of our pictures and we were so happy with them. These were all taken in my aunt's backyard. Anyways, you can scroll through them and see if you find anything you like! And thanks for visiting.
We hired our professional photographer for just two hours before our ceremony. We didn't want pictures taken during our ceremony and we asked a good friend and Dave's uncle to be our "unofficial" photographers since we knew they would be taking lots of pictures anyways.
Between them and our good friend Marika who loves taking pictures we ended up with a lot of great pictures. In fact one of my favourite pictures of me from our wedding wasn't taken by our professional photographer. But here are our awesome professional shots. (We LOVED our wedding photographer, had a lot of fun, and would totally hire him again! See here for his website.)
I've tried to include pictures which are uniquely us but also showcase our families. And also some which I just think are incredibly beautiful.
By the way, we took these pictures in my aunt's garden (and around her house) which my parents helped landscape about four years before our wedding. (My dad owned a garden centre/tree nursery/landscape business with his two brothers and my mom does a ton of gardening so if I hadn't gotten married in Ontario, getting married on my parents' yard would have been my next choice. Sadly, the year before I got married my parents sold my childhood home (it was a good decision) and the year we got married they were completely gutting and renovating their new house so getting married on their yard just wasn't feasible.)
However getting married and having my aunt's house as home base was almost as good as being at my parents' house. My aunt is like a second mother to me and my cousins are like sisters. It was so great to have all of them involved with our wedding.
And kudos to my cousin Katherine who climbed over the fence to get rid of a branch which my aunt thought needed to not be in the pictures. I LOVE that this was a part of our official pics!

As I mentioned previously, Dave is Jewish and so we tried to combine Jewish and Christian aspects in our wedding. One of the Jewish customs is the groom breaks a glass. Mostly grooms actually break a lightbulb because it makes a better sound but Dave and I actually wanted to use a real glass. We bought a couple of cheap wineglasses at the Mennonite Thrift Store ('cause I'm Mennonite and it was combing the two faiths!) and Dave practiced with one before the ceremony!

And my dad was being such a spaz before the pictures officially started and I LOVE that our photographer caught both of these actions on film! And thought to include them in our official pictures :) (And I love how Dave is totally cracking up at his soon to be father-in-law!)

I LOVED my wedding hair. Janice's hairdresser agreed to work on a Sunday morning to do it and she basically just tied it in knots and tucked it up. And my mom's mom's family had a tradition of sticking laurel in the bride's hair at her wedding for luck. My great-aunt has a plant from the original laurel plant used for my great-grandma and my mom asked if she could have some for me for my wedding. I originally wanted flowers in my hair but loved the story of the laurel, and how it could be my "something old", and so went with that instead. My mom did it for me right before the pictures.
The jewels underneath my hair are my "something borrowed" from my friend Marika who wore them at her wedding just six weeks before. And she also bought me my earrings as my something blue. And I wore a blue necklace Dave and I bought in Prague the year before we got married.

My wedding dress was my "something new." I fell in love with it when Marika's friend had sent it to her as an option the year before. My dress was from Target, was $129, and had pockets! (You should have heard the gasps and laughter when it was time for Dave and I to exchange rings during the ceremony and I just pulled his out of my wedding dress pocket. It was so awesome!) It was a major score on many levels :) And I just LOVE this picture of Dave with my bouquet! Ha ha ha!!!
Here are some pictures of me and my parents!

My dad and I built some steps for my aunt in her garden and so we posed on the steps with tools but I love this picture so much more! It totally reminds me of working alongside my dad and helping him with all sorts of things.
I love these pictures of Dave and I with our dads!

And here is Dave with his parents. Too bad he looks nothing like them! Ha ha ha!!!

Both of my grandmas came from Saskatchewan for our wedding. My Grandma Ewert was 101 years old at the time. (She died this past December at the age of 104 years and 9 months old.) My Grandma Krahn was a spring chicken at 84 1/2!

And Dave's grandpa, who came from New York, was about 90 and making both my grandmas laugh. Dave and I were so happy that all of our (living) grandparents could come and celebrate with us. And I really wish I could remember what my grandmas were saying to crack us all up here! I do remember it was really funny!

And Dave was thrilled to have 185 years worth of lips on him in this picture! Can't you tell?!?! This is one of my favourite pictures from our wedding.
One of the things that Dave and I have in common is our love of playing piano. So our photographer managed to convey that in some of our wedding pictures which was so awesome!

Thank you for allowing me to share so many pictures with you. It has been so fun to look at these all again. Tomorrow I will show some pictures from after our ceremony, but before the reception.


  1. You have such wonderful stories behind your photos! Seems like a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I have such great memories of that day and these pictures really capture it for me.


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