Friday, July 20, 2012

Show Us Your Life -- Foyers

I'm linking up with Kelly again for Show Us Your Life. Before I show you our entry, can I ask you all to pray for/send good vibes to/think positive thoughts on behalf of my husband who is defending his PhD thesis in Computer Science this morning at 9am Mountain Standard Time (11am Eastern Standard Time) in Alberta. Five long years of hard work is resting on about three hours of oral exam this morning and I sure wish I could be there with him, and not just in spirit. Thank you! Now on to our foyer.

I'm not sure our front entry is grand enough to be called a "foyer" but I'm showing it off anyways. It's, shall we say, cozy! Here is what you see when you walk up our front steps. I guess this would be called the "foyer to our foyer!" Ha ha ha! I'm so funny sometimes.
And often you may have two greeters awaiting your arrival! If you're really lucky Sam won't start talking at you until you get in the house and Rachel will have her soother out and squishing her nose and mouth up against the glass. And I wonder why it always looks murky! Interesting note -- Rachel can't stand on her own yet but when you go to open the door she knows what is about to happen and pushes herself onto her butt so she won't fall face first out the door! She's one smart cookie, she is.

Well all that was a lot of lead up for this -- a
smallcozy front entry. After taking various views from the main floor I went upstairs and took this picture looking down and it was a much better view of our foyer. I could have subjected you to the badly angled, dimly lit pictures but I didn't. You're welcome! We have a basic shoe rack, a row of hooks which are finnicky (they sometimes just let the coats slide right off) and that is about it.

Oh, we also have this cross-stitch my grandma made for us for our wedding. I love it and I figure the front entry is a good place for it to hang. Sorry this picture is a bit blurry but I wanted to share it anyways.

Thanks for dropping by to visit! I'm realizing it's much less frustrating welcoming visitors into our house virtually because you haven't been tripping all over each other, have you? Maybe I should keep that in mind for ALL visitors from now on. Except I love in-real-life visiting way too much for that to be a realistic option :)


  1. Ah--and forgot to mention the good thoughts for your husband. My husband and I will both be facing that in the next year (maybe? hopefully?), so we definitely understand the anxiety and excitement!


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