Saturday, July 14, 2012

Four Year Anniversary Celebration

I was going to do this post yesterday but then Kelly said I could show off the (boring) top of our piano so I did that instead. Now heeeeeeere's the post!!! (clapping, cheering, etc, etc -- thank you! Thank you! It's too much. (Okay, I'm too much! Ha!))

So after all the hype about our wedding what did we actually do to celebrate our fourth anniversary? (Remember it was our anniversary which inspired this walk down memory lane about two weeks ago?!?!?) We went to Toronto to see a Blue Jays game. Yep, watching Major League Baseball was our romantic marking of four years! Actually it was my idea and I was just as excited about it as Dave, maybe even more so...!

Self-portrait of us on the subway
Sadly the evening did not turn out as planned due to a three car pileup on the 401, which is the major highway for us getting to Toronto. Therefore we spent the first hour and a half getting from our house, through Cambridge (via Blair, a weird subdivision and construction), to the Townline Road exit. If we had just been able to go the normal way, Google Maps says it should have taken us about 25 minutes and everyone knows that Google Maps always overestimates on time. Blah :( So by the time we got to the game (via Yorkdale Mall and the subway and a three block walk) we had missed the first three innings. Fortunately, no one had scored or done anything exciting yet!

Our seats were awesome -- four rows from the front and just off from first base. I didn't zoom in at all to take these pictures so that's how great our seats were. Sadly, before we got to our seats, we went in search of a veggie hotdog which was halfway around the stadium, but when we got there the veggie hotdog stand was closed. Sadness :( However I made do with a slice of pizza and Coke in a souvenir cup and I was happy.

The view from The SkyDome (sorry I will never be able to call it The Rogers Centre -- boo to advertising people) was amazing as always. That's looking up at The CN Tower from our seats. Or as Sam calls it "the tower so tall" from his book "M is for Maple."

Dave and I during, and after, the game. The souvenir cup came with a free refill and then I gave it to Sam. He has been thrilled with it and I have been questioning my decision since he freaks every time it's dirty and he can't use it.

The Jays were playing the Angels and the Jays WON!!! It was awesome. And since the Jays pitcher struck out seven of the Angels' players, everyone at the game got a free slice of pizza the following Monday from Pizza Pizza. Normally we wouldn't have been able to take advantage of it but since we were leaving Donny and Marika's that day, and drove right by a Pizza Pizza, we totally got our slices. Yum yum yum!
And THAT is how we celebrated our fourth anniversary! Didn't I warn you it was the height of romance?!?! Thanks for coming along for the ride of walk down Wedding memory lane and stay tuned for regular blogging next week. I'll bet you're excited!

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  1. Looks like fun!! I haven't been to a Braves game in over 5 years, but I want to fix that this season!!


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