Saturday, July 07, 2012

Everyone's So Happy! Post-Ceremony Wedding Pictures

So as I've mentioned before we didn't take any pictures during our ceremony. Nor did we video it. But after the ceremony we took a ton of pictures. Okay, WE didn't, but our awesome photographer friends did. And we did set up one ceremony shot, with Dave and I underneath the chuppah, with our chuppah holders and our two officiants.
We also posed with some of our closest friends. Donny was Dave's unofficial best man and his wife, Marika, was one of our chuppah holders. Marika was also our unofficial wedding shopper because she was the one who led me to my dress and shoes and helped us find a suit for Dave. She also bought me my wedding earrings.
Janice was my unofficial matron of honour and signed the official documents as my witness. Tim, along with Donny, emceed our reception. Tim also vacuumed his house the night before Janice hosted my wedding tea there! Ha ha ha!!!
This is Dave and I with our nieces and nephew. Okay, Willem and Tessa, the two kids sitting between Dave and I aren't officially related but that description best defines our relationship with them! Then Lily is sitting beside me. I love how you can watch Willem slowly get bored during the picture taking and how Dave and I are totally cracking up!
Remember how I mentioned that one of my favourite pictures of me wasn't even taken by our official photographer. Our friend, Jon, caught this one of me and I love it so much!
We didn't sign anything official during the ceremony so afterwards, us, our officiants, our parents, Tim and Janice, Donny and Marika, and our photographer friends were all crowded into the office to watch us become official! Ha ha ha! It was so crowded in there :)

Alissa, who married us, and us with the "Solemnization of Marriage" certificate.
That's why we had to look solemn! (Or you know, ridiculous! Ha!)

Tim and Janice showed us where they were registered in
Waterloo North's official book of marriages. We had to sign it too!
As we left the church we asked the kids to blow bubbles to send us on our way! That was a lot of fun! I think the kids enjoyed it too.

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  1. Congratulations! What lovely photos. Looks like a wonderful day!


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