Friday, July 13, 2012

Show Us Your Life -- MantlesTop of My Piano

So today on Kelly's Korner is SUYL Mantles but I don't have a mantle. But I asked Kelly and she said I could show the top of my piano since, as I put it, "It is a large, flat surface which is hard to decorate."
Our piano is in our living room and right now it is just on a large wall. We have some music themed pictures on our piano but it needs something more. It just looks a little lost I think. (And the green spot to the right of the piano is one of the post-it notes my son likes to stick around the house!)
Normally our piano looks like this -- some pictures and a miscellaneous pile of stuff. I like the pictures. The one on the wall was a wedding gift and is a picture of some musical art in Spain. The two brown frames are my husband playing piano with each of our kids at about a week old. The plastic side-by-side frame are my husband and I playing piano -- once on our wedding day and one at FAO Schwartz in New York City. I like the piano light and the crocheted piece was a wedding gift from my grandma. The piano was originally hers as well. The big picture is of my other grandma and her sister on a day they played dress-up. My grandma was wearing her father's suit :)
It's the other side I don't know what to do with. I feel like our piano is half decorated and half not. Sometimes I have a vase of flowers there but a lot of the time (like now) I don't. Do you have suggestions for me? I think I need something with height and interest. And something for the wall behind it. It's so bare.

Thanks for taking a look and for any suggestions you might have. And now I'm off to check out what people have done with their mantles. Maybe I'll get some inspiration.

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  1. Nice! We've ended up stacking music books on the ends of our piano--partly because we ran out of space in the bench, but it also gave us some height on top there.


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