Sunday, July 08, 2012

Long Weekend Visit

So I'm taking a break from wedding posting for a few days because there is too much other stuff I want to blog about. And now that it has cooled down a little (Yay! Yay! Yay!) I have the energy to write about some of it. I hadn't even uploaded pictures to the computer from the camera for the past week because I just couldn't concentrate on it. Have I mentioned that I wilt in the heat -- both literally and figuratively?
Anyways, on to describing last weekend when we celebrated our nation's birthday at Donny and Marika's place in Toronto. It was totally fun, except for the part where Rachel didn't really sleep. That part really sucked. I was soooo tired I was like a zombie for most of Sunday and could really only talk about how tired I was. I'm sure I was the most
annoyinginteresting person to be around that day :)
Jen, Mike and Will came to spend the day on Sunday, which was Canada Day, and it was a really fun time of catching up, playing at the park, and just enjoying being together. The most celebratory thing we did that day was wear red and white and eat festive ice cream. Thanks Jen for providing it!
When Donny and Marika bought their house Sam kept saying, "Marika has a yard! Marika has a yard!" so the highlight of Monday was playing in the yard. It was a beautiful place to hang out and water plants...

...dig a hole with our bare hands...

...and hang out and drink milk.

Marika, with Donny's able assistance, made a really good supper of hot pot and Sam helped soak the mushrooms evenly and then squeeze the water out. He even deigned to eat one which was a minor miracle. The hot pot was really good.

Sam's favourite part of hanging out with Uncle Donny and Auntie Marika is playing with their iPad. They are going to be the cool adults in Sam and Rachel's life who let them play with all the things their mommy and daddy won't even buy. And that's the way it should be!
We had a good visit and can't wait to hang out again Chez Donny and Marika.

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