Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sam Goes To Camp!

Last week was a momentous week in our family. Sam went to his first camp. It was a half-day camp at the preschool he will be entering in the fall. There wasn't a particular theme and the camp was geared to 2 1/2 to five-year-olds. Sam was very excited about going to camp.

Sam got a new backpack to carry everything in and I got my first experience of labeling everything in sight with Sam's name. After which point I realized -- we need personalized labels STAT! Thank you.

Everyday Sam chose a different cubby to store his stuff in and then headed straight for the sandbox. He never looked back and always said, "You can go now, Mommy!" as he headed off. Although his teachers said he hung back from the crowd and watched a lot he never showed any hesitation about going to camp. I asked everyday, "Do you want to go back tomorrow?" and the answer was always an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Some of the things Sam did at camp (which I've gathered from the little he told me and the camp schedule, as well as what little I had a chance to see for myself) were playing Hungry Frogs, playing with play dough, playing in the sand, making cookies with construction vehicles (shovels, a dump truck and a front end loader!), dressing up like different animals, going to the Victoria Park Splash Park on the city bus, and having a rainbow day with bubbles and finger painting.

Thanks Teacher Nancy, Teacher Pat and Emma for making Sam's first experience of camp a good one! I know Sam is really excited to see you again in September.

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