Thursday, July 05, 2012

Show Us Your Life -- Bathrooms

So Kelly totally threw me off by posting a day early! I just ran up and took pictures of our bathroom to post. I've debated whether or nor I should do this SUYL since our bathroom is nothing special. I don't like the colour or the fact that the fan is attached to the light so whenever the light is on, it is very noisy. However I want to have a memory of what this bathroom was like and for this coming year at least, this IS my life! So here is the most uninspiring bathroom ever!

Our bathroom is long, narrow, and the only one we have in the entire house. While I'm thankful to have indoor plumbing, is it too much to ask for a living space with two toilets?!?!? We bought the towel rack at IKEA when we moved in because there was no where to hang towels except the back of the door. I bought the stripe-y towel there too because the bright colours make me happy.

Here is the sink area. We have two soaps because I love Bath and Body Works soap and Dave doesn't. So he uses regular drugstore soap and I get the fancy stuff for me!!! The thing hanging on the wall is my birthday calendar from Vienna. My good friends bought it for me and, when I lived in The Netherlands, there was always one hanging in the bathroom near the toilet. That way you always knew whose birthday it was that day. You can see the kids' towels hanging on the back of the door in the mirror. And on the ledge is one of my many bathroom fish. This one my dad brought me from the former Yugoslavia. We haven't gotten around to hanging the rest of the fish yet but my bathrooms in my last three houses have been very fishy!
We bought a new shower curtain when we moved in and I love the flower pattern. There was also no shelving in this bathroom so we bought this hang-y thing at IKEA (I'm pretty sure "hang-y thing" is its official name too!) and my dad hung it for our towels, the kids' bath toys and various other things we might want to store in there. You can also see Sam's potty on the ledge under the hang-y thing. If only he used it more we might be more successful at toilet training. sigh.

I'm looking forward to seeing your more inspiring bathrooms. I think they are an area of the house you can have a lot of fun with. We just haven't done that here yet but maybe we'll get around to it eventually...!


  1. Hey-- I like your normal-person person!! Makes me feel like I'm not the only one walking around with a regular bathroom! OK, love the Ikea towel rack. We'd debated getting that that I see you using it, I kind wish I had it! Matt and I have to get multiple soaps, sometimes, too. Strange that he doesn't want his hands to smell like flowers???? Men!

  2. I like your little bathroom! We have all been there at one time or another and after trips to Nicaragua and elsewhere, I am always just thankful for running water!!

    Love your Ikea towel rack. We built our house nearly 7 years ago and the towel racks are not yet up! Hubby is busy with other things!! Maybe soon......:-)

    Blessings to you!

  3. Kudos to you for working with the space you've got! I think it's a cute bathroom, though I agree, it would be hard to live with one toilet in the house! :)


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