Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food, Fun and Frivolity: Our Wedding Reception

A recent comment reminded me that I've been blogging about our wedding as if everyone knows it happened four years ago and I am just writing about it now. However that hasn't been clear in every post for which I apologize. This series was inspired by my wanting to write a "How We Celebrated Our Fourth Anniversary" post and realizing I'd never written much on here about our actual wedding day. And that I would like to. So I started. And now here's some more.

Our reception was held at a golf course in our area, and although I swore I would never have my reception at a golf course, the place just fit with the landscape of our church. They were both open and airy with lots of natural wood. This is the photo collage we made for our reception. On the left are pictures of me, on the right are pictures of Dave, and in the middle are pictures of the two of us.

We had quite a number of kids at our wedding (maybe 20 kids 12 and under!), so we had wedding activity books made up for them with crayons. They also got their own special favours of my famous (ha!) chocolate-chocolate chip cookies.

My mom and my aunt got a whole bunch of cut flowers from a local farm and made centrepieces in Mason jars. They were so beautiful.
Since we had a number of Jewish guests who keep kosher, we decided to just go with a vegetarian meal of lasagne and Greek Salad. I LOVE Greek Salad. We had a separate table for the kids, with macaroni and cheese instead, and no wedding cake.

Dave and I aren't fans of cake so we just had various cheesecakes as options, because we both LOVE LOVE LOVE cheesecake. It was soooooo yummy! (And it turned out I uploaded two pictures of the cheesecakes so I'm posting them both because obviously cheesecake is super-important! Ha ha ha!)

There were two ways to get us to kiss. For the adults, you needed to tell a story, ideally about one of the pictures on our picture board (although no one really did that!).

For the kids, you needed to draw a picture of us. The kids REALLY got into that one!

We didn't have a long program part. My Grandma Ewert spoke, my friends Kristen and Sarah did a toast to the bride "kind of speech" ("KOS" because it wasn't really a toast), Dave's friend Joel did a toast to the groom KOS, Donny and Marika did a toast to the couple KOS, each of our parents spoke and then Dave and I spoke. I think maybe the program was half an hour total.

After the reception we took a few pictures with some of the guests and then it was time for the dance. Below are me with my mom's brother, her sisters and my grandma, and then me with my three close friends from university.

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