Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Else Happened on Our New Brunswick Trip???

So besides whale watching, eating lobster, celebrating a wedding and touring a garden, what else did we do, you ask? Well, keep reading and I'll fill you in because I am amazed at everything we packed into four short days (which included all our travel!).

I love that Sam can now pull his own suitcase through the airport. I love the photo of him heading off into the wild blue yonder. And I guess technically Sam could be carry on. I wonder if the airlines would let us get away with that?!?!

I got to read almost an entire book on the plane. Sam watched Treehouse (see how he is mesmerized by the TV) and Rachel mostly napped on Dave's lap. It was a very smooth flight.
We stopped for supper at an Irving gas station with an attached restaurant. It was awesome food. I had fish and it was very fresh. Dave had a hamburger and Rachel and Sam ate barely anything. Rachel did have fun though as you can see below.

And after a few hours of driving we got to St Andrews. It was very foggy a lot of the time so we saw things through a light mist.

More importantly, after hours of driving we got to the Rossmount Inn where we stayed. It was a gorgeous place with beautiful gardens, porches to hang out on and lovely furniture.

All the produce from the gardens is used in the Inn's kitchens. While Sam and I were back there one of the chefs was picking nasturtium leaves for something and Sam picked one too and popped it straight in his mouth. Ooops! I don't think guests were supposed to be picking the produce but since when did rules ever stop a three year old?

One day we went to The Clam Digger for lunch. It was a lot of very good, deep friend seafood. I had shrimp. Yum yum yum!
Saturday morning we had brunch with some of my cousins and I had the lobster omlette pictured below. So did Dave. It was yummy but very filling so Dave got more than he had bargained for! I was laughing because my cousin declared, "I want eggs and lobster for breakfast!" and I thought he was nuts but we found it :)
Then we wandered in and out of stores. We took Sam into a china shop and I have never been so nervous in my life. He's a pretty calm kid but he's still only three! We bought stuffed lobster toys for Sam and Rachel and we had tea, coffee and a blueberry scone from Honeybeans, an awesome little shop.

Dave liked that our license plate said "Jedi" and I thought it was unlikely that Jedis would be driving a Lancer if they could drive cars. Ha!
This picture is for my parents because it's an inside joke. Dave thought it was hysterical that we found this :)

St Andrews has murals painted on various buildings and you know how much Dave and I love our murals!!!

The day we left, we took our pictures with a giant lobster. Because who doesn't want their picture taken with a giant lobster?!?!?

And then we flew home. I had an awesome picture of Rachel smiling so big but it was blurry so you have to make do with this one of her smiling behind her soother.

And that was the end of our trip. Until next time. But lest you think our travels are over, don't you worry. We have many more adventures coming up in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for more excitement.


  1. Oh man, I want my picture with a giant lobster! Haha! Great post!


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