Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home Again, Home Again...

Miss Rachel Roo, Mister Sam-Sam-Sam, Dave and I all slept under the same roof last night after being scattered all over. Sadly, Sam woke up crying this morning, which woke Rachel up, and it didn't all get calmed down until about twenty minutes later. I just love times like that. Especially when I haven't yet had a chance to wash my face or go to the bathroom. Welcome home!!!

After all the crying we headed off to the Early Years Centre for Science and Discovery for Sam (which was all about colours) and then One is Fun for Rachel, which was also all about colour. Sam plays in the room while Rachel has her time and Rachel plays while Sam has his time. Sam was painting today so it was too crazy to take pictures. Rachel's teacher had coloured keys on the table and coloured houses around the room and Rachel LOVED picking up a key, having me walk her over to the house, and then sticking to key on the house. We must have done about eight keys before she got bored.

Now Sam is having quiet time, Rachel is asleep, I've caught up on my blog reading and I'm going to have a nap. Tomorrow I will start blogging about my and Rachel's time in Saskatchewan.


  1. love to see the little ones "working" cute! : )

  2. That looks like a fun learning place for the kids. I can tell that Rachel is going to be a smarty pants! :-)


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