Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I know, I know, my husband takes over the blog for a few days and then I go MIA. What's up with that? I think I got out of the habit of blogging while Dave was doing it for me, and then I got caught up in life and just lost my "must blog every day" commitment. But I'm back and aren't you celebrating?!?!? Unfortunately we are leaving for a short vacation in two days so I can't spend all of my free time blogging. Well, I can (and likely will!), but my free time is very limited. So while I want to tell you about "the party to end all parties", Sam's hilarious game and talk about what a thrill pulling weeds gave me, I can't just yet. But don't worry, all that (and more!) is coming.

Until then, enjoy these pictures of our updated top of our piano. Remember in this post I recognized that something more needed to be done with this space? Well, it has happened. Thanks to a lovely thank you peace lily from my cousin, and seeing some mantles with big mirrors and having a "what on earth do I do with THIS?" wedding gift which we hadn't done anything with on hand, our piano wall is looking a little more loved and a lot less bare. (And did that sentence make sense to anyone but me? And possibly my husband?!)

So to sum up -- I'm happy to be back, I have lots to say and will get around to it eventually (maybe even some of it later tonight!), and I'm super-happy with our updated piano top/wall. So much so, in fact, that you get two pictures of it :)


  1. I think the piano top looks great-- that mirror is perfect!! Have fun on your vacation!!


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