Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trying To Remember...

I try to remember that traveling, especially flying, is something that only a privileged few get to do.

I try to remember that I have parents willing to pick me up at any and all hours.

I try to remember that Sam is with his grandparents and having a blast.

I try to remember that I will get "there" eventually, and so at worst, this is an inconvenience.

But often I still get very annoyed when flights are delayed. Today's flight for Rachel and I was delayed long enough that we would have arrived in Saskatoon at 3:30am Ontario time and I was NOT excited about that, especially since our colds are still in full force. However our flight was also delayed enough that I had the option to switch to a more convenient flight time tomorrow. So instead of boarding our plane in 50 minutes to take off for Saskatoon tonight, I am about to crawl into my own bed for a night's sleep. Then tomorrow Miss Rachel Roo and I will make our way to Saskatoon.

Until then enjoy these two videos. One is of Sam in his very own Olympic "sport" and the other is Rachel learning to use a napkin at Subway tonight.

Update (Aug. 23): The videos were, apparently, not uploaded successfully last night. They have now been re-uploaded, and should be working properly. Enjoy!

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