Wednesday, August 01, 2012

40 Photos of Natasha - Part 3

In this, the third in a series of posts celebrating Natasha's 40th birthday, I'll focus on Natasha as a mom. Now, figuring out that Natasha is a mom to two wonderful kids (in my entirely biased opinion :) is as easy as taking a look at the blog's header. However, this shot of Sam and Rachel doesn't really convey all of the many ways that Natasha is a wonderful mom, so allow me to elaborate a bit.

I think the thing that I love the most about seeing Natasha as a mom is her sense of silliness and joy that she has with the kids. Whether leading the kids in a cheer-leading march around the living room, egging Rachel on in a game of upside-down tickling, or jumping in a pile of autumn leaves with Sam, Natasha is able to embrace her not-so-inner child and have a blast with the kids.

Natasha is also an avid participant in a wide variety of activities and programs with the kids, and this is something that has really enriched all of our daily lives. From regular Kindermusik classes with the incomparable Miss Sulya, to gymnastics classes with New Mom's kids (complete with matching outfits, thanks to our friend Jenelle!), to helping both Sam and Rachel with the actions to "Motorboat, Motorboat" during numerous swim lessons, Natasha has spearheaded our kids' involvement in many activities over the years.

Although she's unlikely to admit it, Natasha is also quite capable of tackling some pretty involved crafts with the kids, and the results are both impressive -- to me -- and very entertaining -- for everyone involved! These crafts have included ideas from Productive Parenting, helping paint murals for both our kids' nurseries, and creating numerous painted clay vases, trivets, and mugs at Crankpots, a DIY pottery studio in Edmonton.

Last, but not least, Natasha is very intentional about establishing, fostering and continuing family traditions, whether they be religious, family-based, or... otherwise! She has a strong sense of the importance of "what we do" as a family, and is not afraid to tackle the kosher-for-Passover section of the grocery store, or have my family help decorate Easter eggs, in order to firmly establish our cross-cultural, inter-religious traditions.
Rachel deciding that Natasha's nose looks particularly tasty (November, 2011)
Playing with Sam in the snow (December, 2011)
With Sam at swim lessons (June, 2011)
Helping Sam through an obstacle course at Ice on Whyte (January, 2012)
Rachel having fun at Crankpots (December, 2011)
Celebrating Sam's first birthday (March, 2010)
Giving Sam a soft Shabbat set, for Chanukah (December, 2009)
Out for a "leisurely stroll" with Rachel, Sam, and some New Mom's kids (August, 2011)
With Sam at Galaxyland (February, 2010)
With Rachel, before a New Mom's Christmas party (December, 2011)

The final installment in the series, All About Natasha, will be coming your way tomorrow!


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