Saturday, August 11, 2012

Everybody Wears A Bib

Last night was the first of the wedding festivities. I should explain that my cousin Katherine is getting married to Matt later on today. Katherine and Matt met in Vancouver, moved across the country to Halifax and are getting married in St Andrews, New Brunswick where Matt's family cottage is, although they aren't getting married at the cottage. But all the wedding guests were invited out to there last night for a lobster feast. And what a feast it was!

Everything was so nicely set up for us. There was even a boat doubling as a bar!

We were right on the water and could walk down to the shore in about thirty seconds. There wasn't a beach but there were great rocks to walk on.

But we were hungry for the main event -- LOBSTER!!!

And then it came. As you can tell I was very happy about it! (Although I don't know why my smile looks a little dorky. Oh well.

Sam wasn't as excited about it as he thought he might be and Rachel didn't eat much either. Good thing we thought ahead and didn't order a lobster just for them although I guess that would have meant more for us.

I loved seeing my parents and my aunt getting into their lobster!

Rachel made everyone share their ice cream with her! I'm surprised she slept after all the chocolate covered ice cream she mooched.

And then we walked down to the rocks so we could check out the water.

I had to post this awesome self-portrait Dave took because he NEVER does this!

Even Sam got into checking things out.

And as we were leaving he played in the bouncy castle for a bit. Yup, this dinner had something for everyone and was definitely a night to remember!


  1. Wow! You are all wearing sweatshirts and jeans! I just think of everywhere being hot right now :) Looks like a lot of fun!!!

    1. I was sooo happy to be able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt for most of Friday. It felt great to be slightly chilly for once because we've also had a very hot and humid summer.


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