Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tea at The Boathouse

At our housewarming party, Janice asked if Sam, Rachel and I would like to join her, Tessa and Willem for tea at The Boathouse. We said yes, and last week we went there. We had quite the adventure. First of all, the kids all got ice cream, and since Rachel is a baby she got hers for free! Score :) She LOVED it and was quite the mess afterwards.

Sam was smart and asked for a cup for his to be in since it was soft ice cream and very tippy on the cones. Janice and I enjoyed tea and scones with jam and cream. Technically it was called a cream tea and it was delicious. Oh yum.
After our tea we went to a park which had a carousel and a train. Sam was more excited about the train and didn't even want to go on the carousel but we convinced him it would be worth his while. He sat on a bench with Janice and I had intended to hold Rachel on a horse. But when the carousel started she screamed and screamed and I took her off because she was shaking. She wasn't crying but I'm pretty sure she was scared. So I just held her beside the horse and she reached out to pet it once in awhile, which was actually pretty cute!

The train ride was much more successful for everyone although Rachel insisted on standing up. sigh.

It was a very fun afternoon, if you forget about the construction traffic, and we are hoping to plan another adventure to The Boathouse soon. Stay tuned to see what materializes...


  1. Those scones really do look delish.

    1. They were so yummy I could have eaten way more than one :)


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