Monday, August 13, 2012

A Fanciful, Flower-ful Fairyland

One of the things I was excited to do this past weekend was visit Kingsbrae Garden. With 27 acres of flowers it seemed like my idea of heaven. Sadly, Saturday morning, our planned visiting time, did not produce the most beautiful of weather so we wandered in and out of some shops instead. However, Sunday was pretty nice -- fog and a light mist -- so we ventured out. Unfortunately we only had about an hour, which we managed to stretch to an hour and a half, and it was well worth the visit. Dave and I are already planning a longer East Coast trip in the next couple of years and a trip back to Kingsbrae is definitely on our list!

Sam thought this train sculpture was neat
but he didn't want to pose with it.

This is walking into the Perennial Garden,
one of the first gardens we saw.

Sam at the entrance to The Maze and some beautiful spiderwebs with morning dew. There were gorgeous spiderwebs all over the gardens.

The Labyrinth with its interesting person sculpture in the middle.

At 10:30 every morning there is a live ladybug release in the Rose Garden. They release 1000 ladybugs every day and the ladybugs eat the aphids on the roses. Above is Dave with his hands full of ladybugs.

Dave and I with our handfuls of ladybugs and Rachel with her single ladybug which she released onto the ground! Ha!

Sam hung out by the fountain, far away from all the scary ladybugs.

An example of the beauty in the Knot Garden.

Above is The Children's Fantasy Garden. Sam got here and refused to go any further. It was a magical place to play and dream and laugh. I especially loved the teapot planters in the above right photo. Sam liked the rabbits, and I also liked the living roof and the flower bed!

Since Sam refused to leave the children's garden, Dave offered to stay there with Sam and Rachel while I went exploring on my own. (Supposedly while I was gone Sam went from house to house doing errands "at Shoppers, the library and Zehrs" where "banana, bread and flowers" were on the list to buy. It's actually quite a realistic list!)

When I discovered this sign, I was thrilled and enchanted. (It's not on the garden map and I'm not telling you where I found it so if you ever go to Kingsbrae Garden you will have to do some searching.)

Can you see the enchantment on my face?!?! It was a beautiful, mystical discovery and I'm still excited about it :)

The Heath and Heather Garden and some awesome pot statues. Loved them! Then we all four made our way over to the Sculpture Garden. I wasn't sure what to expect but I really really liked about half the sculptures.

I wanted to stay at this bench for hours. Who am I kidding? I wanted to stay at the whole garden for hours! Dave and I talked about the fact that we need to go searching out more gardens because Kingbrae only whetted our appetite for more. Sadly, any other garden I find will have a lot to live up to because this garden was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

(ps. Because it was so foggy and misty I felt like I was wandering around an English garden and it also whetted my appetite to go and live in England. We'll see how soon THAT wish comes true! Ha!)


  1. Okay, seriously, before I even read your P.S. I was going to say that the foggy and misty pictures actually made me think of "The Secret Garden" and other English gardens. Ha! Great minds really do think alike! I love this place and wish I could go. How enchanting! I love the ladybug release, and the little white bunny that Sam is "talking" to. I remember my cousin and I capturing lady bugs in mason jars when we were little. We didn't quite understand that they couldn't survive long in there and would forget to release them. I am still sad about all the ladybugs that lost their lives that way. :-( I also had a little white bunny with pink eyes when I was little. Bunnies are my favorite! Thanks for sharing this little adventure! :-)

  2. We're totally up for joining you guys on an east coast trip. :-)

    And I'm with Sam, bugs ARE scary


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