Friday, August 24, 2012

Sandbanks - Part 2

On our second day in Prince Edward County, we actually all managed to make it to the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Our time at the beach featured lots of time playing in the sand for Sam, and an extended wade in the water for Rachel. We also made a couple of attempts to get some four-generation pictures (with Sam and Rachel, Dave, his mom, and his grandpa), but the results were... mixed, shall we say :)

After the morning at the beach and lunch at the beach-side hamburger stand, we hit the road. The rest of the afternoon was spent driving back home, and then it was dinner and bedtime for all!

Rachel, Sam and Dave's mom, Andrea, playing in the sand.

Rachel playing in the sand, holding something she probably shouldn't have in her right hand.

Sam and Lily working on a sandcastle/trench.

Sam, Dave's grandpa Julius and aunt Bobbi hanging out on the beach.
Yes, that is a karate class going on in the background!

The large sand dunes that give Sandbanks its name.

A fairly successful four-generation picture

Rachel on her way from Natasha to Andrea

Rachel heading somewhere with (or without) Dave

Rachel looking pretty pleased with herself

The whole family of intrepid waders

A "less successful" four-generation picture, taken just after lunch

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