Thursday, August 09, 2012

Travel Day

Today is a travel day. We are flying a couple of provinces away for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. And tomorrow we have an adventure and a half planned! I can't wait to share it with you. Until then enjoy these random photos from the past few weeks.

Dave has been doing his best to get our boulevard weeded. Last week he pulled a whole bunch of weeds and Sam thought they would make a great chair!

Every kid deserves one shining moment of pulling out an entire box of Kleenex one by one. Now Rachel can cross that off her bucket list.

Have I mentioned before how much we love this water table? When it's not too hot, but just hot enough, I fill it with water, Sam (despite my best efforts) puts sand in it and he and Rachel are entertained for up to an hour. Then I strip them down, hose them off, feed them lunch and toss them into bed for naps. And that's how we roll here in the lazy summer days.

We have also been eating a lot of BBQ this summer. Hamburgers, chicken, sausage (all with veggie alternatives of course! Except for maybe the sausage but we won't go there as one of us is Jewish and one of us is vegetarian and technically sausage should be off the list for BOTH of us.) and fresh grilled CSA veggies have made suppers this summer ones to remember. Dave is a master BBQer and we sure do appreciate it.

I got together with some close friends a few days ago. Kristen, Sarah and I all met at Grebel, our residence at university. Along with the other Natasha (yes, there are two of us!), we named our group The Chill Factor (after the movie The Big Chill) and we have been friends for almost twenty years. It's still hard to believe sometimes. When Natasha comes here for Christmas this year, we'll all be together for the first time since Dave and I got married. And Kristen will have a new baby so the number of Chillettes (second generation) will outnumber the original four. Craziness!

Rachel was hanging out in her exersaucer. I think Dave took this picture and I don't know what its significance is, other than Rachel is pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. Ha!

Sam showing off his messy hands and face after we ate ice cream sandwiches on the porch. Yum yum good!

I played piano at church for the first (and likely last!) time this past Sunday. I obviously couldn't get a picture during the actual service but I took this one of Sam playing on
Dave's guitarhis train in the sanctuary after the service. The reason it is so empty is because the carpets were being cleaned this week so we had to move all the chairs. I convinced Dave to accompany me on his guitar for one song and it was awesome.

Dave is still reveling in the fact that he is mostly done his thesis (except for some minor revisions which may actually be completed by the time you read this post! Here's hoping...), and was thrilled to capture this picture of Miss Rachel being entertained by it. Ha!

So I hope you have enjoyed this piece of randomness. Tune in tomorrow when I will hopefully be posting from New Brunswick. Whoo hoo!!!


  1. Fun pictures!! Especially love Rachel crossing the Kleenex-pulling off her bucket list! Safe travels!

  2. You are so much fun! Hope you enjoy your weekend. : )


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