Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Getting Our Hands Dirty

One of the lovely things about our CSA is that we get fresh local vegetables without having to do any of the work. However on holiday Mondays (we get about four a summer!), Fertile Ground hosts work bees so this past Monday we headed out to the farm to see what we could do. We didn't have a lot of time, and we decided to take both kids with us so our participation was a little limited! However we did get some things done and we had a great time. It is so satisfying to get our hands in the dirt every once in awhile.

Rachel hung out. Although this picture doesn't show it, she was mostly in the exersaucer while another little girl hung out nearby. Then Dave took her into the bean patch we were weeding and she proceeded to pull leaves off the bean plants. sigh.

Sam had a trowel and spent a good amount of time digging holes beside the bean patch.

And these are the two rows of beans which Dave and I worked on. We worked on the two closest to the trellis and the fact that there are no weeds in the big gap is due to the fact that Sam also carried all the weeds Dave pulled out of the row and to the trees. However he was adamant that he wasn't going to carry my pulled weeds!
As we passed it, Sam totally remembered the bug hotel so we got a picture of him with it. That kid has an amazing memory!

Before we left we got pictures of Sam and Rachel on the Farmall tractor. Rachel, as you can see, was not so thrilled but Sam was disappointed he couldn't drive it anywhere, despite his best efforts! Ha ha ha!

We had an excellent hour and a bit at the farm and are looking forward to our next workday adventures.

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