Friday, August 17, 2012

Show Us Your Life -- Porches

Today Kelly is doing Front Porches and I am so excited that we have not only one, but two porches!!! So come on over and have yourself a seat. I'll get you a cold Coke or some iced tea and we can talk.
Our lower porch is the main (only!) entrance to our house and also our storage area. We have no outside storage shed so Sam's toys, our strollers and our recycling bin all sit on this porch. Earlier in the spring I had lots of pots of plants but they aren't looking so good right now.

And then we have our upstairs porch. We got the table and chairs and the outdoor carpet from Tim and Janice. We haven't spent a ton of time up here this summer because, with the black floor, it gets really hot. I think on those last warm days of fall or those first warm days of spring this is going to be an awesome place to hang out and get warm! I had a few planters up here at the beginning of the spring but it go so hot they were dying so they're all on the lower porch now. I will get some mums to put up here as soon as I'm convinced it's Fall!

And although this isn't a patio or porch I wanted to show the table and benches we eaten quite a few suppers on this summer. It's been great to have a place to eat outside.
I love our yard! And our two porches! And now I'm off to visit all of yours. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love comments, too:)! Your home is so cute and cozy - thanks for sharing! Feel free to return the visit - I linked up, too!

  2. What a nice place to sit I enjoyed my tour
    the upstairs porch is so neat
    I too love eating outisde it taste so much better
    Thanks for the sweet tea

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour and you're welcome for the tea! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. love the round benches and table! how cute!

    amy from houston, over from kelly's korner

    1. The table and benches have become one of our favourite hand-me-downs this summer. We have loved eating outside so much this year. Thanks for stopping by.


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