Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hearts and Flowers and Weddings, Oh My!

EDITED TO ADD: I couldn't think of a title for this post and figured I'd get back to it. Obviously I forgot so now here it is with a title.

Last night we celebrated the wedding of my cousin Katherine to Matthew. It was so good to be able to mark this day with them. They got married at a gorgeous inn in St Andrew's, New Brunswick and it was so much fun. So without further ado, here are some pictures...

As you drove up to the inn, this is what you saw.
But wait! What does it say?

Oh, that's better. And very sweet!

It was an outdoor ceremony and we all walked up the hill behind the inn to get to a lovely clearing. Katherine and Matthew's nieces and nephew were the flowergirls and ring bearer.

However, most of the petals got dumped well before
the actual aisle was reached :)

Katherine and Matthew had a lovely ceremony and walked back down the aisle with their daughter, Clara, who is four and half months old.

Sam spent the entire ceremony in the aisle picking grass and putting it into the folded programs.
He also proclaimed, "I won't" when the minister asked if Kath and Matt's community would support their marriage! Ha ha ha :) That's a contrary three year old for you!

After the ceremony Rachel hung out with Opa, I walked back down the hill with my cousin Krista and Dave corralled Sam and took pictures.

Getting ready for a group photo and the group champagne toast. Rachel tried to steal as much of Opa's as she could! Ha! Sadly I didn't get to enjoy my champagne because there wasn't enough to go around and I gave mine to the mother of the bride who was in front of me and didn't have any. I figured she needed it more than I did!

Kath, Matt and Clara are a beautiful family.

Katherine and her mom, my dear Auntie Lorna.

We tried to get decent family photos, but as usual, Sam wasn't very cooperative. Oh well, this stage will end eventually? Right? Right??? (It will likely end for Sam just as Rachel is entering it! Ha!)

An awesome picture of my good looking parents!

While hors d'oeuvres were being passed around, the kids were all hanging out in a tent exploring their gift bags (bubbles, crayons, leis, a special wedding colouring book, etc) and getting fed supper. Then there were babysitters for the kids while the parents got to enjoy the wedding. Sadly, Rachel HATES babysitters and only lasted about fifteen minutes. Then either Dave, my mom or I held her until she went to bed.

Then it was an evening of eating, dancing, listening to speeches, fireworks (sorry about the bad picture but I wanted to include one shot of the fireworks (oh, for a really good camera...))...

...drinking, eating desserts, convincing Sam it was time for bed, discovering long lost relatives (fifth cousins, don't you know?), and general merriment!

It was a beautiful wedding, a wonderful celebration, and we were so glad to be able to be there. Happy Wedding Day Katherine and Matthew!

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