Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Milestones (Almost!)

Today this boy, of his own accord, peed on the potty twice and wore a pull-up. (He's pretending to take a picture with his chair-leg-camera of Daddy taking a picture of him in this picture.) Self-motivated potty training here we come?!?!?!
Today this girl, not only proudly sat in her big brother's booster seat like a big girl (for a little bit) but also ate four, count 'em -- FOUR! helpings of dinner. And she walked more and more today. I wouldn't say we have a walker on our hands yet but she is getting soooooo close! And she also threw her first temper tantrum when Daddy decided she had been sitting in Sam's booster seat for long enough. Ha ha ha! Welcome to the terrible twos :)

And today I went to the gym for the first time in a month and two days. Which isn't even close to the gym record of 956 days without a visit. That's almost three years people! Why would you pay for your membership for three years and not use it?!?!?!

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