Monday, October 22, 2012

"Life Is What Happens To You...

...while you're busy making other plans." -- John Lennon

So remember how yesterday I promised you a "special week"? Last year in November I blogged for a whole week about everything I did each day. I first read about it on Kelly's Korner and I wanted to document my life with my baby and my toddler so I could remember what I did during those days and how I survived that season of life. So today I was planning to start that again but...
...Miss Rachel has been sick off and on since Friday -- slight fever, whiny, more cuddly than usual and not sleeping well. Last night it culminated in her sleeping from 8:30-11 in her crib, not sleeping from 11-12:30 am, joining us in bed and being restless from 12:30-3am, crying loudly until 4:15, me on the phone with Telehealth, and then sleeping on Dave's chest while he "slept" upright in the living room from 4:30 until 7. Then she slept on me in the living room from 7 - 8:30 this morning. And, if that wasn't enough, Sam woke up at 3 with a nightmare and didn't really fall asleep again until 5. And that was in our bed for the rest of "the night."

So today, instead of heading off to playgroup I headed to a walk-in clinic with Rachel where I waited for two and a quarter hours to see a doctor. Oh yeah.

She was diagnosed with a throat infection and given a prescription for antibiotics. Dave stayed home all day today and I slept from 12:30-3, Rachel slept from 1:30-5 and Sam didn't sleep at all.

So needless to say, I decided not to start documenting my "week in the life" today since it wasn't at all how I normally spend my days at this time. Hopefully tomorrow we will have all slept, we will all be feeling better and life will continue as planned. Of course with John's proclamation ringing in my ears I'm not really counting on it!

(And the picture is how I found Sam asleep (in the middle of the hallway) when I went to bed on Saturday night. He just about gave me a heart attack. He doesn't always like falling asleep in his bed so we find him in some random places sometimes.)


  1. Sad! (But cute pic.) Hope everyone is 100% soon!

  2. So in yoga, that's called child's pose. I never really knew why until now....

  3. Oh my goodness! I hope everyone is better soon! (And Sam is cracking me up in that picture!)

    1. We're getting there. Sam and Dave are sick with colds now and Rachel is in the habit of waking up now so we have to figure out how to stop that.

      And Sam was cracking me up too which is why I wanted to share :)


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