Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day Quotes

Sam: "I want to wear this shirt to show the queen!" (We had explained that Victoria Day celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday, and since we are going to Victoria Park today, the queen will obviously be there. And see his shirt.)
Sam: "When is the new queen going to die?" (After explaining that Queen Victoria is dead and there is a new queen. It IS a confusing holiday my friends!)

Dave to me: "Is Sam still in time out or did you forget about him?" (Ummm, let's go for the first one!)
Dave to Sam: "When the pancake sizzles it won't be loud like a firework but quiet like a pancake."

The smoke detector: "Beeep, beeep, beeep, beeep!!!" (During the pancake making...)

Sam: "I want to go to the Splash Park but I don't want to get wet!"

Dave and Natasha: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Come on Sam, this is fun!!!!!!!" (During various unexpected showers at the Splash Park.)

Rachel (translated): "Yum yum yum... MORE NOW!!! Yum yum yum... MORE NOW!!!" (During pizza eating at City Cafe.)

Dave: "BBEEEEEEEELLLLLLLCCCHHH!!!" (While drinking an afternoon Guinness.)
Natasha: "I love my new skirt!" "I love my new skirt!" "I love my new skirt!" (At various points throughout the day.)
Dave: "Tragically Hip... Stan Rogers..." (While playing guitar.)
Sam: "Why do you have laundry outside Mommy?"
Sam: "I am going forwards and back, forwards and back."
Rachel: "Yay Mommy! You got all the laundry folded!"
Sam: "I need my scooter helmet on."
Sam: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I love you."
Rachel: "Look Ma -- no hands!"

Leis/Chodos family: "Do you want to join us for dinner?"

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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm having fun in the picture but that's just an awkward pose. So great to have you guys in town so we can do spontaneous things like this! Until the next time...


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