Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Moving In and Birthday

On Monday, April 30 at about 9am the moving truck arrived with all of our stuff. Yay!

The driver, Hamish, and his assistant, Mike, were awesome! They brought felt feet to put on the furniture for us and even a stuffed seal for Sam. Plus, even though it was just the two of them they had everything done in about two and a half hours, including putting some furniture together.

Then it was our turn. Auntie Lorna, Mom and Dad spent most of the day cleaning the place. Let's just say there was a lot to clean, unfortunately. Dad and Dave put Sam's bed together and Sam spent a lot of time measuring.

Janice came over and brought food from Dutchies, and for lunch we walked to Holy Guacamole, except for Mom who cleaned the laundry area while we were gone. It was a very busy full day and we went to Auntie Lorna's for supper and then to bed.

Tuesday was more cleaning, getting all our stuff from Tanya's, putting together the crib and our bed, discovering our mattress had gotten wet and moldy and running errands to various places for various things. Mom and Auntie Lorna spent more time cleaning. Dave's parents took the kids to New Hamburg for the day and brought chili for supper to our new house that night.

Dave and Dad got the futon from Carla's and then we called it a day.

Wednesday was my birthday. It was disappointing to have such a major event happening during another major, and more stressful, event. That day we unpacked some boxes, Dave and Dad got us a new mattress at Costco, Dave bought me a new book and flowers for my birthday and, by the end of the day, we all had beds to sleep in. However, we went back to Auntie Lorna's for supper and the night because we hadn't had time to do a shopping trip.

Auntie Lorna gave me an orchid for my birthday and then made cream puffs for dessert! Yum yum yum!!! Here are Oma and Rachel and Sam, enjoying his cream puff.

And here is me on my 40th birthday! We will eventually have a combination 40th birthday and housewarming party to celebrate a little more intentionally.

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