Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BBQ'd Burgers -- Possibly Better Than Dirt!

This evening was full of exciting gastronomic firsts. Dave was really excited about his first opportunity to BBQ burgers on his BBQ, in his own backyard. Thanks to mid-afternoon inspiration from Natasha, and some expert potato-grilling advice from Rob and Ellen in Saskatoon, Dave was able to make a very satisfying summer-time feast.

However, before said feast could be served, Rachel decided to have her own pre-dinner snack. And what, you might ask, did she choose to eat as an appetizer to the meal to come? Why, dirt, of course! Tasty, nourishing dirt!

From the photos below, she certainly seemed to enjoy her choice of snack! And sadly, these pictures were not actually taken when Rachel shoved a few handfuls of dirt into her mouth while Dave was BBQing the potatoes. These photos were from another dirt-eating episode earlier in the afternoon.

Once the pre-dinner festivities were out of the way, it was time for the main event.

On the left we have the table, all set with burgers, potatoes, fries and various condiments.
And, on the right, everyone has arrived and is ready to dig in. Enjoy!

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