Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good, Better, Best, And A Pain

So a few things happened today and they can be described by the above title.

GOOD: I got to spend a bunch of time in the basement organizing. Dave went and picked up a bookshelf from Tim and Janice and now all my young adult and Nora Roberts' books are on a shelf, instead of being stored in boxes. Dave also moved the shelf with the DVDs and CDs from the dining room to downstairs. Now Rachel can't get into them anymore. (Speaking of Rachel, man was she a crawling-concern downstairs. That child no longer stays in one place.) And I hung up my hangings from various places -- Margarita Island in Venezuela, The Mount of the Beatitudes in Israel-Palestine, and I think the other one came from Malta. And I labelled the various RubberMaid bins in our "linen closet" so now we know what is in them.
BETTER: The basement, and the rest of the house too, will be much better once all the pictures are hung up. Dave and I keep saying, "Maybe tomorrow night..." and then the evening comes and there is always other things to do -- like cleaning upstairs, organizing the basement and walking to Dairy Queen for ice cream.
BEST: Today we went to visit a preschool-like place for Sam. The reason I say "preschool-like place" is because he won't be going to preschool there, he will be attending a "Preparation for Kindergarten" program. He will learn about letters, do science experiments, and just have a bit more of a structured time. Today was just a visit but Sam was totally integrated into the letter learning (see his "uppercase, lowercase" patterned "Q,q" quilt below), the science experiment about shadows and everything else. He LOVED it! He will go two afternoons a week starting in September and I can't wait to see what he thinks about it!
A PAIN: There is a risk of frost tonight. That means all my lovely flowers need some extra tender care in the form of being covered, or being brought inside. sigh. But I do admit that the bigger pain would be if they all died from being frozen.

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