Monday, May 07, 2012

Leaving Edmonton

So I am blogging from Ontario. How did that happen? It was a crazy couple of days leaving Edmonton and arriving in Ontario. Then we moved into our house and had to clean it and unpack. We are finally finding our feet again and it's time to blog about our adventures. So for the next few days you get to read about them all. Enjoy!
On Wednesday, April 25 we went to our last Kindermusik class. Sam and Rachel had a good time with the drums before class!
Afterwards we went out to Cora's with Marcia, Olivia and Gavin. We had a good time but it is slightly insane to be eating with four kids three and under and only two adults! After Cora's we went to Marcia's for a little bit and had a good visit.
That night Twiebe came to Kim and Jacqui's for supper and Sam enjoyed having her around. Dave was marking his exam and got a bit done.
The next day, Thursday, Sheri took the kids and I helped Dave mark his exam. Thanks to the other prof and some TAs all the marking was done by about 1pm. Yay! Then I took pictures of Dave in his office, ran some errands for him (at the Edmonton Clinic North pictured below) and stopped by KHRG to say good-bye. I also dropped off some clothes which I had borrowed from a friend for Rachel.
That night we took Kim and Jacqui and Alliah out to Tropika for supper as a thank you. And we packed our stuff up.

On Friday, I took Sam to gymnastics and cried for about a third of it. Jenelle, Kelsey and Megan came and ate lunch with us and then we went to pick up Dave on campus to go catch our airporter to our flight. Unfortunately our flight was delayed by four hours so instead of hanging around the airport we went back to Kim and Jacqui's. They graciously dealt with our stress, fed us supper, and then drove us to the airport. Kim even helped us with our insane amounts of luggage.

We finally got on our flight and Sam, Rachel and I slept most of the way. We arrived in Toronto 3:30am (Toronto time), Dad picked us up, and we got to Auntie Lorna's at about 6am. Sam and Rachel both had meltdowns, Dave and I both wanted to, but eventually we all got to sleep.

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