Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Pictures and Stories From the Past Week

So it has been a busy week of getting settled in and a mix of work and fun activities. We haven't taken that many pictures over the past week but we will try and change that now that life has slowed down a little bit and we are...maybe... getting into a new normal. Here is a random list of bullet points of things I don't want to forget...

-- taking a night as just a family and doing errands at Costco and Wal-Mart and having fun racing in shopping carts
-- going to Belgian Nurseries and buying plants! (Did you hear that?!?!? PLANTS!!!) for our outdoor space and indoor space! So much fun!!!
-- Rachel is officially a crawling baby (with her own unique method) and is getting very good (and insistent!) about walking holding onto someone's hands.
-- going to see MacHomer with Dave in Stratford; it was very funny!

Watering my flowers from the Grove Dycks for my birthday!
-- hosting a big BBQ with Dave's family, my family and the Hedricks. It was slightly crazy but very fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
-- spending hours and hours (and more hours) trying to change our licences, our health cards, our car licence and our insurance. Thank heavens for my mom and dad who watched the kids so they did not have to accompany us on these errands.
-- going to Let's Play for the first time with MY. OWN. KIDS! They still sing "Sleeping Bunnies" so not much has changed besides the faces.
-- eating pizza at Campus Pizza with Dave and being very happy for our current stage of life.

-- visiting with Katherine and Clara who are here from Halifax for awhile.
-- Sam eating four buns and many many many chives at Auntie Lorna's house.
-- doing some fine tuning in our room on Sunday and mentioning that my desk really "needs a vase of flowers." Two hours later Janice showed up with a dozen roses for me. Just what I wanted :)

Now I am done with the moving posts and you will be returned to your regularly scheduled blog. Stay tuned for how we do settling into our new normal.

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