Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sam's Super Sunday

Sam had a really big day on Sunday. First of all, his tooth, which we first noticed was loose four weeks ago, fell out. Dave and I were actually upstairs when Sam came running up to tell us. "I lost my tooth!!!"

And now that the tooth is gone, we can tell that two others are loose as well. Yikes!

Sam got a special tooth holder from Tim and Janice, shaped like a tooth, which he put his tooth in and left under his pillow. Since The Tooth Fairy decided that the loss of the first tooth was a special occasion, she left him $4. Sam was quite excited.
Sam's birthday party was last Sunday and as usual we did a toonie party. (The "toonie" is the Canadian $2 coin, for those of you who don't know/remember.) We asked each guest to bring at least two toonies -- one to go to a gift for Sam and one to go for a donation. He knew for awhile that he wanted a fish for his birthday gift. We were going to go and get it last Monday night but then Sam had the never ending stomach flu.

So we made the grand trek on Sunday. After talking to the people at the store, we got a beta fish, which Sam named, "Beta." He thought it would be funny if Beta just lived at the end of his bed with Big Elephant. I agreed that it was (temporarily) a good home.
And now Beta is swimming around in his bowl, on Sam's bookshelf. Happily, Beta doesn't need a lot of care. We only have to feed him one (freeze dried) worm every two days, clean out half his water every week or so, and clean his entire bowl every two-three months. As far as pets go, this is enough responsibility for me Sam.

Also, Rachel is jealous that Sam got $4 from the tooth fairy so last night she put some of her money (a whole 45 cents!) in Sam's special tooth holder and slept with it under her pillow. She really hoped The Tooth Fairy would be tricked and leave her some more money. I think she was a little disappointed this morning when she woke up and discovered that her experiment failed. Better luck next time Rachel :)


  1. Thanks, Natasha, for your note to welcome me back to blogging!! You have some cute kids! Loved your post about being in Washington, DC. That brought back memories of taking our kids MANY years ago! Blessings!

  2. What a Sunday! Addi is wanting a pet fish too. I'm thinking about getting her a Beta. Rachel cracks me up. How cute!

  3. Can I give you a friendly beta tip to save yourself from dealing with a traumatic fish death? Get a tank with a lid! I never realized they were prone to jumping out of their tanks until I woke up hysterical with a dead, crusty fish on my floor (my sister thought I was being murdered by the sounds of my screams!). And if you do a quick google search you'll see that this is a common occurrence with beta's. I hope "beta" has a long, happy life :)

    1. Yikes! I didn't know that. When I had one in college, there was a little decorating thing going around where you put a Beta fish in a pretty vase with brightly colored accent rocks and an aquatic plant in the top of the vase that they will actually eat the roots. The plant and fish help one another. That is probably why mine didn't jump out so maybe you can try that? I wish I had a picture to show you.

  4. Congrats Sam! That is exciting!!!

    I used to have a beta when I worked at the college. He was the office pet. I LOVED him. He was so pretty!! He never jumped out - thank goodness. I didn't even know that could happen!!

  5. So I knew that Sam and Evan were on the same track with losing the first tooth, and I got a reminder in my daily timehop the other day that confirmed it. He was a little over 6 years old too. And yes, they lose the next tooth pretty quickly after losing the first one. I know some kids lose teeth a lot earlier, but I was actually happy Evan started later. He is FINALLY getting those two front teeth in now so maybe his smile pictures won't be quite so awkward now. Haha! I suspect Brody is going to be a different story because the kid seriously had almost all of his teeth before he was a year old. He was the ultimate overachiever on getting teeth so I suspect he'll follow that pattern on losing them too. I love that Rachel was so creative about concocting a plan to get some money from the tooth fairy. That girl's got smarts! :-)

  6. Oh and Beta was a good option too. I got one in college for my dorm room. They can live a really long time and do not need much care as you stated. :-)

  7. Can't believe the tooth hung in for so long!! I love yall's toonie parties...I really wish that were a 'thing' here!!


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